The W8IO Antenna Site - LPCAD Example Antennas

(16 March 2016)

Here are a few examples of antennas designed with LPCAD.


An example of a 2300-6000 MHz LPDA on a PCB used in a Fluke WiFi detection antenna - designed with LPCAD



An example of a 200-800 MHz LPDA using threaded elements and 3/4" square feeder booms.


Here are a few more LPDA antennas that I have designed:


ALP-450, ALP-600, LP1009, LP1010, TH11DX

and a few more that I have worked on:

LP-1001, LP-1002, LP1005

Log-Periodic Dipole Array Links:

Hy-Gain LP-1010 video

LPDA Antennas used in Cosmic Ray Detection

For information on StressCAD, click here.

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