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(updated 20 Jan 2016)

2 Meter Loggi - Optimized for Gain, Clean Radiation Pattern and high F/R
This particular Loggi was created and optimized for moderate gain, a very clean radiation pattern with very small sidelobes and a high F/R at 144.1 MHz.  The plots are shown below. Here is the NEC2 file.

Loggi 144-22 Performance

Electrical Performance at 144.1 MHz0.188" Element Diameter
Directive Gain (dBi)14.33
Power Gain (dBi)14.26
E-Plane F/R (dB)34.91
H-Plane F/R (dB)32.81
E-Plane 1st Sidelobe (dB)-36.4
H-Plane 1st Sidelobe (dB)-30.2
E-Plane Beamwidth (deg)38
H-Plane Beamwidth (deg)42
Max VSWR (144-146 MHz)1.35
4 Bay G/T (dB) at TBD

Mechanical Performance:
Boom Length        22.1 feet        6.74 m        3.26 wavelength at 144.1 MHz
Recommended Feed Boom diameters: 1" to 1.25" square (DX Engineering or On-Line Metals)
Recommended element sources: On-Line Metals, McMaster-Carr

LP144-22 current diagram

LP144-22 VSWR

LP144-22 Gain (dBi) and F/B and F/R

LP144-22 azimuth pattern at 144.1 MHz

LP144-22 elevation pattern at 144.1 MHz

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