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(updated 30 Sep 2016)

6 Meter 7 Element Loggi
Here is a 7 element Loggi for the 6 meter Amateur band.  After a quick look at available large commercial 6 meter Yagis, I chose the M2 6M5XHP Yagi and Force-12 50 MHz OP-DES 6 element as my "standards" to compare to. The plots and specifications are shown below.

Electrical SpecificationLoggi-50-7F12-50-DES-6Loggi-50-8M2 6M5XHP
Frequency Range (MHz)50.0 - 52.050.0 - 52.050.0 - 52.050.0 - 52.0
Peak Gain - Free Space (dBi)11.0911.111.6911.54
Typical Front to Back (dB)2632.852321
Max Front to Rear (dB)25.732.8523.27-
Typ E-plane Beamwidth (degrees)50504742
Typ H-plane Beamwidth (degrees)64645752
Maximum VSWR2.
Boom Length (feet)16161818
Type of antennaLoggiYagiLoggiYagi
NEC2 fileLoggi-50-7-Loggi-50-8-
4NEC2 Patterns:

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