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(links updated 29 May 2017)

Current VHF Propagation Conditions: Look for Sporadic E

Normal meteor conditions means that there are no major showers occuring.  Best conditions for random meteor reflections would be approx. 6 am local time +/- 6 hours.  See Virgo Meteor Sky for local rise/set times.

Aurora conditions:  POOR -Kp<=3 (Arctic Circle or higher),   FAIR -Kp=4 to 5 (lower parts of Canada),  GOOD -Kp=6 (upper US states and Canada),  VERY GOOD -Kp>=7 (mid latitudes)

Quick Links

Real Time Activity Map
  Use for Sporadic E, Trans-Equatorial, Aurora, Tropo recent activity
North American Sporadic E Map
  Use for 50 and 144 MHz Sporadic E detection
APRS paths in North America 
  Use for Tropo prediction only - map may also indicate isolated meteors or Sporadic E on 144 MHz, but use with care
Planetary K-Index 3-Day History in 3 hour increments
  Use to predict Aurora activity: Kp = 7 or higher for 144 & 222 MHz Au, Kp = 6 or higher for 50 MHz Au

VHF-UHF Contact Schedulers

Current VHF-UHF Activity
VHF-UHF Activity Database and Map

W8IO VHF-UHF Long Boom Antennas


VHF-UHF Multimode Radio Comparison

VHF-UHF Weak Signal Digital Modes

How to get started on EME

VHF Sporadic E Propagation Aids

VHF-UHF Tropo Propagation Aids 

VHF Meteor Scatter Propagation Aids
Major Meteor Showers:
Quadrantids - January 1-5 ( PEAK January 3)
Lyrids - April 16-25 ( PEAK April 22)
Eta Aquarids - April 19 - May 28 ( PEAK May 5)
Arietids (daylight shower) - May 22 - July 2 (PEAK June 7)
Delta Aquarids - July 12 - August 19 ( PEAK July 27)
Perseids - July 17 - August 24 ( PEAK Aug 12)
Orionids - Oct 2 - Nov 7 ( PEAK Oct 21)
Leonids - Nov 10-23 (PEAK Nov 17)
Geminids - Dec 7 - 17 (PEAK Dec 13)

VHF-UHF Aurora Propagation Aids - Look for Kp > 6

2015 Days with Kp >=6:

VHF-UHF Rain Scatter, Lightning Scatter & Aircraft Scatter

VHF-UHF Grid Maps

VHF-UHF Contests and Awards

2017 Contests - through August

VHF-UHF Activity in Michigan

(on separate page)

VHF-UHF-Microwave Organizations and News

VHF-UHF Beacons

432 MHz NETS

144 MHz NETS


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50 MHz NETS (centered on Michigan)

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