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(updated 10 Oct 2023)

Due to health issues of both my wife and me, I will no longer be taking tower orders. We will, however, supply small replacement parts as necessary.

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        Model IO-815HD                                      Models IO-810 and IO-810HD                          Model IO-610  and IO-610HD                  Model IO-45HDIO-45 and IO-45LT

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See the product reviews on eHam.com or I can provide additional references on request. Please check out the QRZ pages for K8DIL, K2VI and W6RKE for photos.
NEW! YouTube video of IO-45 roof tower assembly and K4KIO Spiderbeam by Cal McKitrick AI6MC.



DIY Tower Plans include instructions for cutting and drilling all aluminum parts. The full instructions are downloaded from this web site, and the password to unlock the instructions is emailed to you on request. The assembly and installation manual can be downloaded from this web site. Assembly and mounting hardware are not included.


My towers are designed to work with a thrust bearing mounted on the top. I recommend the Yaesu GS-065, which will handle up to a 2.5 inch diameter mast.  You could also use the Yaesu GS-050 thrust bearing, however this will only allow masts up to 2.0 inches OD. 


W8IO Rooftowers LLC warrants all its roof-tower products for 90 days after shipment. If any W8IO Rooftower fails to give the purchaser complete satisfaction within 90 days of shipment, we will replace any component of the Rooftower free of charge. W8IO Rooftowers LLC will not be liable for loss or damage to property or incidental or consequential loss or expense from property damage due directly or indirectly from the use of this product.


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Wind Area:  

 Calculations for the IO-810 roof tower.

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Roger Cox, W8IO (ex-WB0DGF) - Spring Lake, MI 49456

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