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W8IO Rooftowers LLC - How to Order

(updated 14 July 2022)

The shop is undergoing some changes that will allow me to increase capacity and work through the winter. 

We will be taking new tower orders in mid-August. Existing inquiries will be placed in a queue.


My towers are designed to work with a thrust bearing mounted on the top. I recommend the Yaesu GS-065, which will handle up to a 2.5 inch diameter mast.  You could also use the Yaesu GS-050 thrust bearing, however this will only allow masts up to 2.0 inches OD.  You can save money on shipping by purchasing your thrust bearing locally, either new or used. If you plan to use the GS-050, please tell me so I can drill the mounting holes for this bearing. If you want all tower parts to arrive at the same time, I can purchase the bearing and include it with the tower shipment (use the -065 or -050 option).


I can ship either UPS or FedEx - your choice, however FedEx is slightly cheaper.  You can also save a few dollars more by having your tower shipped to a business address rather than a residential address. You can also arrange to pick up the tower here in Spring Lake, MI. Please call or email before arriving.

To estimate your shipping cost, use the FedEx online Calculator. Use 49456 as the "From" ZIP code, and your ZIP code as the "To". Use the weight from the pricing table and select "Dropoff". Click on "GET DETAILED QUOTE", Select - "Use own packaging" and enter the cost of the tower as the "Declared Value". Package size is typically 100" x 6" x 6" for 8 foot towers, 78" x 6" x 6" for 6 foot towers and 58" x 6" x 6" for 4.5 foot towers. Thrust bearing is shipped in a separate 7" x 7" x 7" package.

In 2018, FedEx and UPS prices for shipping large, heavy packages such as the IO-810HD and IO-815HD have increased dramatically. Please use the online calculator link above to find the shipping cost.

Current Stock, estimated Lead Time and Order Status: as of August 30, 2021

Current stock on-hand: none at this time

Current Lead Time for IO-45, IO-45HD, IO-45LT, IO-610, IO-610HD: 16 weeks

Current Lead Time for IO-810: 18 weeks

Current Lead Time for IO-810HD, IO-815HD: not available

Please check lead time before ordering. This is my hobby - I build these in evenings and on weekends at home - so the lead time depends upon work and family obligations. I can build about 1 tower kit per week. Email me at rgcox2 (at) gmail.com for more info or look for our tweets from @W8IO_Roger.

Status of current orders: see separate order-status page that was sent to you at the time of order

How to Order:

Send an email to rgcox2 (at) gmail.com to confirm current lead time and to request a quote.

To obtain a quote:
1. Include all part numbers with quantities.

2. Specify either Hy-Gain/CDE or Yaesu/Kenpro mounting hole pattern.
3. Specify split lockwashers or nylon locknuts.
4. Specify any special requirements/options
Include the ship-to address with zip code.
6. Let me know if you wish to sign for delivery.

The quote will have:
1. The lead time estimate
2. The total price, including shipping and Michigan tax (if applicable).

1. After receipt of payment, I will order material and begin construction.
2. I accept either check or PayPal for payment. If you wish to use a major credit card, we have the ability to process these over the phone or in person.
3. After payment, you will be provided with a web page that displays the current status of your order.

About 2 days before shipping:
1. I will confirm the shipping details with you
2. Your phone number will be needed by FedEx for shipment

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Roger Cox, W8IO (ex-WB0DGF) - Spring Lake, MI 49456